Saturday, April 3, 2010

OH what a beautiful day...

wooo hooo..its been sooo nice the past few days...finally!!! been so nice to open some windows to let some fresh air in the house...I managed to get a lil yard work done and some flowers planted in a couple of my planters yesterday..hope all of you are finally getting spring like weather also..

gonna change the subject for a bit.....I wanted to share a pics of a couple of quilts that one of my closest friends has made for me..boy! wish I could quilt like her..well, actually , she has tried teaching me and I just dont get it..LOLOLOL!!!! I will leave the quilting to her and I will stick with a paint brush....I will take pics of other things she has made me later on today hopefully, so for now enjoy your day....


  1. I love your quilts - your friend is very talented!
    Enjoy the joys of Easter and good weather!

  2. Your quilts are beautiful!!
    Love the colors she used!!

    Enjoy the weather....sunshine makes us all feel gooooooood!! LOL


  3. There are just some things I leave to others as well...and quilting is one too!

    Oh hasn't the weather been grand? It's windy as all get out here today but the temps are gorgeous.



  4. Just gorgeous~! What a great friend!