Monday, May 17, 2010

My Birthday shopping spree....and more..

just a small grouping in our bedroom

our grandson trying to touch nana's stuff...LOL...its fun keeping him outta stuff at his age...NOT..lololol

just a basket in my just makes me smile when I walk past it, so I thought I post this pic of it..

added another small coverlet fabric to my old wood bucket...adds just a lil something to it I think...

added the lil coverlet placemat on my mantle, which by the way, my father in law made...he is sooo talented and has learned my style pretty fast...he also made my 5ft farm table.......

I really love the prim battery operated tapers....looks great flickering in the dark and dont have to worry about them falling and catching something on fire....LOL...

I loved this keeping room sampler...I just had to have it....LOL

the candle and holder was a gift from my oldest son..he also gave me an hanging basket for flowers

the above sign is another gift from my daughter and grandson..adds just the right touch, dontcha think?

I loooove this broom and small egg basket....

the wonderful tray, candle and berry ring was a gift from my daughter a lil grandson.....adds just the right touch...

showing ya goodies alone and then displayed.....


  1. I love all of your new treasures! You have them displayed perfectly! That is a great crock holding your new broom, too! My grandsons love my goodies, too. They are very good at rearranging. Guess they are going to be tweakers, too!
    Have a great week!

  2. thanks, they learn tweaking at an early age.....

  3. Wow, you bought some really nice things, love it all!!!!

  4. Wow, your family got you some wonderful treasures, love them all. My 2 yr. old grandson loves "tweaking" yayas prims too. I'm Yaya instead of Nana.

  5. You have some wonderful new treasures and they are displayed just perfectly, I especially like the coverlets woven specially for you!

    Thanks so much for sharing,