Sunday, May 23, 2010


I had to have this old green trunk...cant wait to find a spot in our home to display it...LOL.......

isnt she just the primmest? I love her, she will make her new home in our bedroom ...

I found the perfect spot in my kitchen for the old wood came with a grungy candle, but I decided to put flicker candle in it..

loved this table square coverelt....hmmmm where should I display it ? Im sure I will figure that out sooner or later...

got this brown stripe homespun blanket for our spared bedroom...

check out the lil make do lantern with the flicker tea light inside it..not sure where that will go either. and the doll was just toooo cute..had to have 2 of um, one with black clothing and one with red..couldnt decide, so had to get both dolls..

just thought his lil sheep was just the cutest..another , just had to have it thing....

I fell in love with this hanging wall cupboard....where or where will I hang it..? lol, havent quite made my mind up yet...

what an amazing day I had yesterday...went to the prim antique show in Elkton was small, but the vendors there had great stuff and were sooo nice.....I always manage to finds lots of stuff I weather was perfect, the drive was nice and well worth it...sooo thought I would share with my blogging friends all my wonderful goodies that came back home with me...I could of bought so much more, but it seems Im sooo outta room in my house...y'all ever get that feeling about your home too? lol.. the show was sponsered by henhouse primitives , check um out


  1. Absolutely LOVE!! that wall cabinet. Dirk does such great work, he's the best. I have one of his little lanterns also, hangs on my fireplace right now.

  2. thanks Linda and yes he does beautiful work..

  3. What a great old trunk. Your little dolls & sheep are so prim. I love them. You got such a pretty blanket & covelt too. That little wall cabinet is beautiful. Glad you a had a good day.

  4. Another bunch of fabulous prims!!
    I loved everything!!