Monday, November 15, 2010

My latest finds and a before and after....

I got this really old electric heater from an auction...we took the electric cord out and I did a lil make over to it.....I thought it would look neat with a prim candle ring on top of it with a battery operated taper candle on top of it for the holidays......
and here it is......a cheap can of walmart spray paint and ten minutes later....LOL....I love finding unique items .

this is my favorite purchase from the auction...its in great shape and old...dont ya just love old baskets..its actually bigger than it appears in the picture...

Here is a grouping of all my goodies from the auction.....check out the old childs ride on toy.....and the big wood tub is wonderful...I scrubbed it up...I wanna rub it down with some lemon oil.....I will post more pics at another time...the old lidded box is wonderful...think I might fill it with some greens and a snowman for the winter.....sooo kewl.....the old enamel chamber pot is in great shape...think I just might use it for my big 3 wick cande and tie some homespun around the handle...hope you enjoy looking at my latest finds....


  1. Girl you found some great things!!! I think we need to do a shopping trip together! lol

    I love your makeover!!!! Great idea!!!!

    Awesome basket... nice size!!

    Looks great with the new furniture by the way!

    hugs to you,

  2. Aren't you glad no one else saw the potential in that old heater? I love how all you did was spray paint it and it looks completely different! Lots of great finds! I found quite a bit lately too but no time to mess with them. Guess I'll have to wait till after Christmas when life slows down a bit.